About the exhibition

The Myths About Race exhibition is the culmination of the Manchester Museums participation in the ‘Revealing Histories’ project, which was a collaboration between a consortium of North West museums and galleries exploring the impact of the transatlantic slave trade on the region.

During these explorations it became increasingly clear that the Manchester Museum, like other Victorian institutions, had in the past contributed to the same racist thinking that had justified slavery.

To redress this legacy a group of activists, educators, collectors, curators and archivists, from inside and outside the museum, came together to create this exhibition.

Objects and images were selected that were once used to support racist ideas, as well as objects that illusatrate how organisations and individuals in Manchester have worked to dispel these myths.

In the categories you will find questions that the exhibition aims to address:

  • Are museums racist?
  • Where does racism come from?
  • Were the ancient Egyptians white?
  • How have organisations and individuals in Manchester challenged racism?

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