Visitor comments

Myths About Race is one of the most commented on exhibtions in the Museum. It was designed to facilitate debate and discussion, and visitors have certainly taken this oppurtunity to contemplate these often sensitive and challenging issues. This page includes some of those opinions left on the comment cards. 



5 responses to “Visitor comments

  1. mythsaboutrace

    Good thought provoking effort BUT, is the slavery really abolished? What about millions of child labour, forced to do work for capitalists in countries like India, China etc.? What is the UN & the powerful nations like the UK & US doing? Spending millions on maintaining museums like this??


  2. mythsaboutrace

    Very interesting, however it only portrays the English and Europeans for being racist, when there are people from every different race/ religion/ culture who are racist. There wasn’t much info on racism towards others apart from African, Asian or not towards Chinese, Irish, English, Welsh etc. Although very good!

    Kelsey xxx

  3. mythsaboutrace

    There should have been a display of African American & Black British sheroes & heroes.


  4. mythsaboutrace

    Racism is wrong. Fight the power.

    Rachel Jones, age 13

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